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Re: Angry.. another "nursing in church" vent...

Originally Posted by s@hmommy View Post
If you actually read anything other than this passage you would know that you used it completely out of context.
I don't believe you know what I have read or what I have not read. Because I did not provide the context does not mean I used it out of context. Further I doubt you have applied anything other than the words directly from the "good" book to allow for your understanding of the text within.

Jesus walked into the temple which had become what he called "a den of thieves" which is what the "clergy" had turned it into. He was outraged by the act of charging people outrageous prices for sacrifices that were meant to be gifts. This practice of extorting people had been allowed because at the time the temples, as well as religions, were controlled by the state. His actions, which in no way were gracious, were against the organized state ran temple.

This is why shortly after Pontious Pilate gave the crowd the choice between Barabbas, a notable prisoner, and Jesus who in modern times would be considered a terrorist for acts against the state.

The answer to be gracious is not always the correct one. When there are injustices allowed by tradition and fear the correct answer is to act in a way that will cause noble change.

To suggest that the OP should act graciously while being wronged is cowardly and comes from a place that allows for the many atrocities that have happened throughout the world. The correct answer is public dissent. I suggest that she stand and give testimony to the entire congregation, and if the entire congregation shows disdain for her thoughts and actions then she should find a more loving church.
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