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Re: The Yarn on the Needles Goes Round and Round...

Originally Posted by kmwell View Post
My mom forgot about my knitting class I can't go. No babysitter. I am soooooo sad.
Originally Posted by MollyJones View Post
You guys...

I want it. But I am so happy with our simple unbleached prefolds and being able to abuse the heck out of them.

Tell me not to buy it. It's sooo pretty though.
get it its just one, right?

Originally Posted by MollyJones View Post
Is anyone knitting anything fun today?

Why can't I make myself work lately?
my feb. lady sweater

Originally Posted by Julie K View Post
I decided to rip out dd's scarf and make her a cowl instead...seems more practical. Anyone have a good preschooler-sized cowl pattern bookmarked?
take any cowl pattern and cast on less.

Originally Posted by joanna19 View Post

I have not checked this whole thread yet, but I was wondering if you guys could go back into last night's thread and check out my pictures of my knitting. there is a pic of cast on and a pic if what I am TRYING to do...k2, p2. but it turns into a mess on the needles. it's hard to take a pic of me actually doing it, kwim, but hopefully someone can see what I am doing wrong. Angela helped me out, but i thought it wouldn't hurt for other opinions.

i gotta go though, cat has to go to the vet this morning. He's been puking bile for a few days and recently stopped drinking/eating. i hope everything is okay with him.
yes. what you did was when you brought your yarn to the front for the purls you went over top your needles instead of doing under (by your knitting) causing that look where the purls come up over top.
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