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Re: The Yarn on the Needles Goes Round and Round...

Originally Posted by MollyJones View Post
I am having a hard time with Asa's foot today and I keep crying.

He hasn't walked on it since he woke up.

He doesn't walk on it after he wakes up for about an hour, but today is worse than usual.

I feel like no doctors know what to do about it. I feel enraged. This is my CHILD. Why won't any of them help me help him?

I am on hold right now w/ his Ped to get a recommendation to Riley Chidlren's Hospital in Indy.

He's almost 3. You'd think by now SOMEONE would have SOMETHING to say that might be the answer...

I haven't even had two doctors tell me the same thing yet, and he's seen 6 of them.

Sorry to be so down. I just have a very heavy heart this morning.

Mornin' girls, unfortunately I can't hang out today...I have a big audit coming up at work soon. I miss you guys. My laptop screen also broke and DH hogs the computer because he works from home. Anyway...

Molly, have you checked out the Yahoo Groups to see if there is one for Asa's condition? I belong to two groups there for Ellie's eye condition and it has been absolutely invaluable to me. There are parents there that have gone through the surgery and emotions and hardships. They know who the very best doctors are. sweetie...I'll check in during my lunch break.
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