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Re: all you delay vaxing and non vaxing mamas, help me understand! :)

Originally Posted by zadoklee2008 View Post
well i mean ya, i signed the form, but i also signed the form just to stay in the hospital, i didnt think that it was something i couldnt do, because i would be putting them at medical risks.... i wasnt told that they would be ok if i didnt, even my family told me that it was not healthy for me not to. so i was uninformed.
Dont be so hard on yourself. I was uninformed also. At the hospital the nurse said we are going to take your son to circ sign this. I wasn't even asked if I wanted it. I just figured that is what they did. Every male I knew was.

However I have since learned alot.
DS1 fully vaxed
DS2 delayed vaxed then stopped
DD not vaxed
Both boys circ. But wouldn't have been if I knew better
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