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Re: Mo-di ID twins and a vaginal delivery

Thanks! I've actually seen the placenta with my other babies. It's interesting looking. I've never seen anything about not being as likely to be head down either. I think I'm just being silly.

I've read about them not wanting to deliver vaginally if B is significantly bigger than A. But, really, they can't know anyway because the u/s can be so far off. With my first set, both babies' u/s estimate were off by a pound in opposite directions. Baby B was born 2lbs 2oz bigger than baby A. It wasn't a problem for me. With the second set, baby B was a pound bigger. Again, it didn't matter.

Thanks for setting my mind at ease.
Heather SAHM to 6 who are 7 and under, including 2 sets of twins and our last little miracle, a surviving identical twin, born Oct 2012!
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