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Re: Mo-di ID twins and a vaginal delivery

Yeah, u/s's are often off by a good bit. I always read that it matter even if B wasn't breech, but, personally, I don't think it matters. I mean seriously, if he was a single, he'd come out, even if he was breech. Why does it matter if B is better than A. Luckily, I love my OB and he never said it mattered to him.

Djuna - That is awesome your OB let you deliver even with B breech. That was definitely my plan and my OB would have also (with the second set). But, most won't do that. My first wouldn't. (He misled me until it was too late. ) Luckily for me, my breech baby B turned literally in labor while we watched him on the u/s checking for positions to see if I still needed a c-sec.

Sally - No mine weren't fused. You are right. That probably is cool to see 2 coming out of one placenta. I'll have to check it out.
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