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Re: Could 2 BP with 6 snap in go an entire day? more...

I see your youngest is about 18 months?
Depends on your poo that age, I think you could possibly get away with it.....for us, by that age, dd was only pooing 1-2 fairly solid poos per day......but as a newborn, for instance, it was 3-4 runny poos per real chance to ever change just the was the whole shebang every time. SO...what do YOU think? What are the odds of getting poo on the covers?

We have several covers now and prefolds/snap in inserts/etc that we lay in them as soakers.....if they were my ONLY system, I would want at least 4 covers and 14 siakers to do laundry every 2 it is, we have scads and scads of dipes....we mostly use pockest for going out, covers with a soaker/prefold laid in OR just a fitted by itself for around the investing in 2 covers and a dozen prefolds, we were able to double the amount of time in between washes than if we just used pockets.....
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