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Re: Spin off: Labor starting on it's own....isn't it impossible

Yikes, I was induced with my first 2 children. First baby 3 days overdue (not much at all) according to evaluation he was about 38 weeks according to the nurses but was a full 7 lbs. Baby #2 I was induced at 10 days overdue which was actually 1 day after the FIRST predicted EDD. I believe my body was beginning to get ready for labor as my mucus plug was coming out for days (about 3 days before induction) and I dilated 1cm which is nothing to speak of, but more than nothing! She was ready to come out. They never recorded any evaluation of how many weeks she was, but I believe she was READY! She was 7 lbs 6oz.

I can't imagine going to 42 weeks. I'm not saying one shouldn't or can't but I do think I would get nervous after that long. I do believe I will go into labor on my own this time, but it's amazing that some may not ever have any signs of labor...

And you know, I agree with what someone else said, about how are bodies are affected by the hormones that we eat in food. I do believe problems have been around since the beginning of time, hence people died with child birth, etc. But I too believe our systems are very different than years ago when they weren't pumping cows, chickens, fruits, veggies or whatever, can goods and all this horrible stuff we ingest.
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