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Re: Spin off: Labor starting on it's own....isn't it impossible

I also think that some babies are 'late' because they need some extra time to cook.

My first 2 were born more or less term (plus or minus less than 4 days) and they were 7lbs 3oz (both were the same weight). Then DS2 was almost 7 days late (I went into labor at 8pm so another 3 hrs he'd have been 7 days late...he was born at 11:45pm). Anyway he was OBVIOUSLY 'late' very little of the white stuff, super long finger nails and toe nails, etc...but he was only 6lbs 15oz. If he'd have been 'term' like my other kids he'd have been really tiny. Apparently he just need that extra 6 days to pack on some weight. I did go into labor on my own though...
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