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Re: Spin off: Labor starting on it's own....isn't it impossible

I was 40wks and 6 days the day I had to go in to be induced. I had EVERY intention of REFUSING to be induced.. but when I got in there they measured him almost 9 lbs, (that alone wouldn't have made me), but I literally had NO fluid. I don't know if I was leaking fluid??? Even when he tried to 'break' my water during the induction he was DIGGING AND DIGGING (it hurt SO bad I wanted to kick him!), and he didn't get a drop of fluid out, nothing but meconium on that pokey thing came out.
I ended up in c-section after 14 hr induction. There are some times I think I could have done it vaginally and had a 'unnecceseran', and other times I think that I had a necessary cesearean. I'm not sure.. I just know my body failed my baby. Trying to forget that and just be hopeful for a future homebirth whenever we are ready to have another!
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