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Cjs lotion and body spray in pink sugar, honeyed patchouli, lavender tto

Dr. Bronners liquid soap in lavender

Fabric (cotton wovens, flannel, garment and upholstery quality, pul)

Mama cloth, new or euc (mother moon pads, homestead emporium, pampered mama, happy booty boutique, tree hugger postpartum) try me...

Meluna cup, ball tip size for mamas

For mama
American eagle jeans 16 hoodies xl
Under armour tshirts hoodies pants shorts etc
Wool socks

Camping gear!! Sleeping bags, tent, cookwear, etc!! Water holding backpacks...(many brands)
Hiking backpack lots more!!

Gift cards( Walmart Kroger target Walgreens)

*Items to be reasonably priced, used is fine just price accordingly and try me :-)

All this listed in the ISO for pp but of course I'd trade as well...ill be posting Iso/Iha thread next :-)
Happy mama to 3

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