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Re: Cooking for larger families.

twice baked potatoes stuffed with veggies are a good side and very filling. they also keep/freeze well for leftovers.

soup, salad, bread dinners are easy to double/triple/or more, freeze well and are very nourishing.

ive been meaning to bake eggs in muffin tins and then assemble breakfast sandwiches from english muffins and serve/freeze...that's an easy way to make a bunch of eggs at once and not have to be hovering over the pan.

frozen pizzas that you add veggies and meats to are a real big hit aroudn here. costco sells cheese pizzas that are surprisingly made from very whole, natural ingredients...tho i imagine making your own pizzas are more cost effective.

i really need guidance budgeting. we eat/take out a LOT.
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