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Re: Organic formula without GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Help!

Hi Mama, thanks for replying. As for Baby's Only and the arsenic, my initial reaction was the same, i'm skeptical...but i clicked on 'Read More', and the pdf that opens up, in it they state "tested by independant labs..." So, unless they're bold-faced lying (always possible) i'll have to accept that for now.

I read yr link, i take it Deva is not Martek but they sell stuff that has Martek's DHA. I was happy to read the part about it not being GMO. But I'm not satisfied w/them just stating that the dha in their products is free from hexane - where did they get that statement from? In any case, you got me researching some more, specifically i googled Martek DHA and hexane and again, i'm just overwhelmed. Depending on who you read and the date of the article, it seems kind of iffy to me, like they were using a loophole to get around what they called the DHA so it wouldn't be subjected to the stringent requirements for organic (ie, No Hexane!). As an example, here's some good reading on the whole topic from Dr. Mercola. I know a lot of people have called him a quack but, it is pretty convincing:
In it he also dispels that Martek DHA is free of GMOs. So again, it comes down to who do you believe?

As to your last question, actually i had responded to 1 of yr posts on a different thread where you were sharing how to make your own formula using a Weston Price formula. This link might help you understand my concern, (again, if it's accurate) just scared me off the whole idea of making my own (that, and to be honest, i don't believe i'd have the time and willpower to do so [such a bad mommy ).

I'd love to know what you think!
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