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Re: Organic formula without GMOs (genetically modified organisms)? Help!

Not sure about Mercola to be honest. I dont know much about the Cornucopi a Institute but i did notice that Mercola references them a lot and they use Mercola a lot, which is questionable. However, i dont find Martek trustworthy.

i replied to your post in the other thread. I wrote a really long reply, but in a nutshell, it is very misleading and inaccurate. While i disagree with WAPF about a lot of things, this article put Fuhrman very low on my list of trustworthy people. The WAPF formulas based on cows milk and goats milk do fall within the FDA's nutritional requirements for infant formula. Im not a fan of the liver recipe. My other reply was really long though, so i guess read that and ask any questions. Ill do my best to answer
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