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Re: a few questions (nursing a newbie)

Originally Posted by palsmama View Post
Maybe he is just gassy and needing to take care of that and sucking is soothing for him when he is uncomfortable. You could try carrying and burping and soothing in other ways like bouncing , patting, swaying.
I was going to suggest gas as I found with my 2nd little one that he would want to nurse to start moving things along, so to speak, when he was gassy.

Also, with my 2nd I found my let-down was much stronger and it literally was too much for him. He would latch on, suck, get the milk to let down, and then it would be too strong and would force him off and he would get really mad, and if he managed to stay on he would be pretty gassy and spit-uppy later on from all the gulping.

He also still (at 6 mos) goes through periods (hours, not days usually) when he will latch on, suck, then arch his back, cry, and refuse to nurse. Sometimes he needs to burp, or he lets out a big fart, and he's better. Sometimes I strap on my beco and we walk and he chills and usually he goes to sleep. HTH some.
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