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What would you do re: nighttime?

Hey all!

My two older kids (4 and almost 3) are in disposable dipes at night. We have tried cloth (usually pockets, pul and fleece) and while they don't leak at night - they REEK of ammonia and they literally cry when they urinate for the entire rest of the day because it's so sore and it burns. I assumed that I had a buildup issue BUT now my littlest (6 mo) is in cloth at night (we used sposies before, thinking she would get it too!). Her fitteds are soaked but her bottom is never red and irritated.

So ... I assume NOW that perhaps my older kids just have very strong urine. Does this mean I shouldn't attempt to use cloth with them again? I am soooo sick and tired of shelling out good $$$ that I could be spending on cute cloth, LOL!

What do you think?
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