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Re: Conceiving a boy or girl?

Originally Posted by simplyleah87 View Post
I've heard that if you dtd before you ovulate your chances for a girl are better, and if you dtd during ovulation your chances for a boy are better.

Just wondering if anyone has used this method and if they thought it was accurate
I've heard all of this stuff as well. With me, we dtd pretty early in my fertile window just to make sure that our chances are good of conceiving at all, and I have 3 girls. So that would make sense.....since we never dtd right on ovulation day to try and sway. But I also know plenty of people who tried to follow the protocol for swaying and it didn't make any difference. I think a lot of it is chance and a lot of it is some type of genetic predisposition. Have you ever noticed how some couples have all boys, or all girls? We have the 3 girls and are ttc and I can almost guarantee that we will have another girl. My friend has 4 boys......she has tried everything to conceive a girl and she keeps having boys. It just is what it is.

I never ttc hoping for one sex or another. I would LOVE to have another little girl and I would LOVE to have a little boy. I just want a BABY! Are you hoping for a girl?
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