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Re: Formula Help:( Another Question

A lot of good suggestions-- my daughter has severe refulx and we're onto specialst #3 next week.

Anyways-- for her the concenrate or ready to feed is easier to digest. In a pinch, we can use powder if we prepare it in advance in a pitcher, using a wisk and letting it sit so there are fewer bubbles.

As far types. We tried dairy, lactose free, soy-- and different brands of each (you need to give them 3-4 days if not a week to see a difference for the better) before we tried Nutramigen which is a hypoallergenic formula made by Enfamil. It was a huge difference for us--

That said, our insurance wouldn't cover it because it unless it is a prescription only (meaning you can't buy it off the shelf in the baby section-- NeoCate is one, and that's our next step) and even then it has a $$$$ copay, or they'll cover it if it's not being ingested through the mouth (so through a feeding tube).

A few tips-- keep baby upright after each feeding for 30 -45 minutes-- I used a Bjorn or mei ati for this. Burp after each one to two ounces-- Try different bottles, the Ventaire or Dr. Brown's bottles worked best for us-- some people have luck with Avent.

For tummy pain after feedings we'd bicylce her legs, use a lightly warmed compress and massage her belly, keeping her upright or in her sling/mei tai all the time becaus eit was soothing to her....

(((HUGS))) I had a lot of guilt about not being able to breastfeed this time, so having a baby that had such problems made me feel worse. Sick babes are no fun-- hope yours feels better soon.
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