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Re: Formula Help:( Another Question

Originally Posted by sunshinebabies3
My babes are on Neocate. It is $35 per can and a can lasts a day here. It measures out to be 3 cups of powdered formula, so not very much...not like the big cans in stores. this usually has to be special ordered and you get it at the pharmacy. if your doctor writes a prescription, you might get it tax free, but I doubt insurance will pay. CIGNA & AETNA didnt pay for ours. thank GOd we have WIC. BUT--I think you are getting you cart ahead of your horse. This was our 6th formula, my kids had been hospitalized for failure to thrive, had regurgitive and nonregurgutive reflux, and my trio had already been on each of the following drugs & combinations of them: Zantac, reglan, carafate, & axid. So--Im guessing you wont be going the specialized route anytime soon unless this gets a LOT worse. best of luck!
We had to do the Neocate too for awhile (and I was still nursing), but you're right the issue has to be pretty serious. My son was not quite 13 lbs at 6 months and had lost a little bit of weight, not to mention all the gastro distress/GERD/asthma/and combo of other issues. Feeding got to be real interesting and SCARY for awhile around here. But do know that if they put you on Neocate you can get your ins. to pay for it. Ours was billed almost $1000 per month for 11 cans and of that we paid almost $200. Thankfully, once his little tummy got back to normal from all the issues we were able to switch to GoodStart....a much cheaper solution. Also note that this was his last resort like the mom quoted above stated. He had been through EVERYTHING............and nothing worked for him until the Neocate (soy, milk-based, Nutramigen, A.R....whatever). He did NOT have to be on feeding tube for it to be authorized but his Dr. had mentioned that should he have lost any more weight, we would be doing the feeding tube...not fun. So whatever she sent to the ins. co. was good enough and they DID cover the majority of the cost.

Also FYI to all the moms using formulas for special dietary issues, if you haven't done so, call the formula companies for the type you are using and request samples. Usually if you explain that the Dr. has advised you to try their formula for a special need they are more than willing to accomodate you for sometimes up to three cans for free. I reached my limit with Enfamil after trying the third formula (of theirs) for my son. I think they thought I was selling it or something....but they were very friendly and eager to help me out....which can save some precious $$$.
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