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We are getting leaks with everything that we use, BG 3.0, BGE, RARz, large simplex, freetimes and a few other randoms. She just seems to pee a ton at once and I think I need more absorbency. So far we have been using GMD red edge in the 3.0's, flour sack flats with a AMP hemp doubler in the RARz, even resorted to added hemp or a premie prefolds to the BGE's. I still have all of the microfiber that came with all of the diapers. Does anyone have the magical combo that would work for a heavy wetter. I don't want to have too much money but have looked at the Alva bamboo inserts, how about those?
She is 10 months old, 24-25 lbs and 30ish inches. Right now these very fluffy diapers are only lasting 1 hour. My husband is a stay at home dad and is getting pretty frustrated, when he takes her out of the house he puts her in a disposable.
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