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Bleeding During Perineal Massage? Prob.TMI

At my midwife's suggestion I have begun doing perineal massage. The suggestion is to start by stretching the perineum for 2 min and then massage for 10 min. I can do the stretching fine, but once I start massaging, I really start to bleed. The thing is, it doesn't hurt. It's not like I am being too rough or something. It doesn't feel like I have scratched myself or anything either. I did ask about it at my last appointment, and my MW said a little bleeding was normal. But I am not sure what "a little" is, and it has only gotten worse each time I've done it. I am not, like, gushing, but definitely dripping, whereas before it was more like a smudge. I am totally going to ask at my next appointment (early next week), but I was just wondering what others' experiences have been.

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