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Re: I hear this a lot, and don't "get it".....

Originally Posted by vatblack View Post
So did Puppydog get banned for 6 months because of the douchecano comment. I get she riles people up a lot but I really wonder if she was THAT offensive. I have seen worse on here. Why does Vespertina get a pass on that long word she called all the gods?

Yes, I'm seriously asking because this seriously bothers me.
I can't speak for the mods or what went on behind the scenes, but I do know she has a history of being offensive. She also asked me to stop posting on her threads via PM because I called her out on her offensiveness and inappropriateness in them. I have since found out I'm not the only one. I feel she posts here to rile people up on purpose and then gets all defensive and rude when she's called out on it. Out of respect to her I haven't posted a single negative thing about or to her since, until this post.

And back I go to stalkdom. I really don't come here to aggravate people, I promise. She's the only one I really haven't gotten along with here, ever. I think maybe she needs a break to learn some empathy for those on this board, and think before she posts.
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