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Re: Serious Problems with my 7yr old

First let me give you plenty of ((hugs)) a teacher I have dealt with the student in middle school and its not pretty. We try to get student counseling but if there is no intervention things can go really wrong. I.e. One student threatened to kill another on my space,charges were filed... or the one that threatened to stab me and my baby.. (I was pregnant)- now mind you I try to find the way that everyone learns and use various teaching methods.
I know as a parent that has to be frustrating.
My own son does not like to write, but reads on a 4th grade level- he's just finished 1st grade.
Please, please get him some counseling. In elementary schools its hard to get it, but in middle and high school children see counselors/therapists all the time. They have group sessions and individual sessions.
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