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Re: Am I setting myself up for failure??

Originally Posted by firsttimejoy View Post
Thanks ladies. This certainly has given me alot to think about. I've always had this "I can do it" attitude and push myself beyond belief to prove people wrong but I've never had a new tiny life involved. It's good for me to get other perspectives besides my family.
I'm like this too, and would've had the same plans you did before my first. Having gone through it, now, even I would counsel taking the semester off. It might set you back, but trust me - you're going to be too sleep deprived to do basic math, let alone rigorous studying. It's not failing to take a step back... women may be able to do anything, but there's nothing that says we have to do everything at once. Schooling will be there. Your LO is only this young once. and good luck with whatever you decide!
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