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Pumping is much more efficient when....

You know how to use your pump! I have a fancy double electric hospital grade pump that seemed simple enough. I have been trying to build up a supply for my return to work next week, but it has been soooo frustrating and slow going. I can't get my milk to let down very easily except when I am nursing, so I tried pumping on one side while I nurse on the other. Still I would get maybe an ounce at a time, if that, and it takes forever. So anyway....since I am using only one side of a double pump, it never occured to me to cover the hole where the tubing goes in for the side I wasn't using. I accidentally covered it yesterday and holy suction!!!! Today I pumped out 3 oz in less than 10 minutes! I feel a bit stupid lol....but relieved it wasn't me that was the problem and happy to know how much easier future pumping sessions will be!
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