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Re: Talk to me about sunbabies.

I like them, they fit well (but run a bit small), are cute, and work. BUT...they don't last. Especially if you have very hot water and/or dry them at all. Both times the PUL died fairly quickly. The first time took about a year, the second time much faster, just a month, and I think that was from washing with VERY hot water (we had turned the hot water heater up to fill my birth pool).

I won't buy them again..the leaks at random times were NOT worth it. A fitted, with or with out a stay dry inner plus a cover is my choice now.

Oh, but if you do get them, don't get the bamboo inserrts. Or the combo ones. they bunch up. The microfiber are fine, and I think more absorbant than Bum Genius ones.

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