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Re: Help Prepping..

I like Honeyville Grain as the prices are really good. BUT I think buying #10 can of powdered eggs is not something most people will use and thus a waste of money for some. (Obviously if you make your own mixes and you camp it is worth it. )

If I was looking to prepare for a disaster and I had $500 and NOTHING .....
I would go to a local dollar store. (Yes really!)
I'd buy 3 cheap flashlights, LED candles, extra batteries(at least one per flashlight), Tealight candles, duct tape 3 or 4 rolls, 2 or 3 shower curtains (if they are not the super flimsy kind) or tarps. (again if not super flimsy), a hack saw if they have it, matches (wood if they have them), a set of lighters, 2 disposable baby wipes, big trash bags, And 2 packages of the largest ziplock bags they got. So thats about $23.

Then I'd buy a GOOD water filter and purification tablets. (online and compare prices)

I'd go to the grocery store and buy bleach, cases of canning jars (if you think you will stay home during disaster if not staying then plastic tupperware type containers. Something to keep bugs and air out), and dried food -beans (compare prices sometimes the 5 or 20 lb bags are more expensive than 1 lb!), noodles, rice, bullion cubes (herb-ox brand has NO MSG.), dried soups( like bear creek )salt, pepper, coffee(in cans), baking mixes (just add water kind),Flour, yeast, sugar, powdered milk, etc. I'd buy any personal things I might need like baby formula, or vitamins, or whatever. A cast iron dutch oven or enamel camp type would be good to have with a spoon. I'd buy 3 days worth of water. ( gallons and bottled)

Then I would put all the stuff from Dollar store in back pack. I'd make sure lighters/matches where in separate ziplock bags. You will also need a knife, multi tool, etc. I'd have at least $50 cash available at all times.

I'd put the food in canning jars and LABEL and DATE it! I'd keep it in a separate cupboard with enough grocery totes to take it with you. (I don't know that I would use glass if I'm in an earthquake zone OR think I would have to travel.) Then I'd start to USE stuff from that cupboard and replace on your next shopping trip. Put your "new" behind the old. (Otherwise your food will go bad at some point.)
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