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Originally Posted by Ready2Bmommy
Tina- I think that's the same issue we have. Wes is more strict so I get irritated b/c he's fussing at Em for something that I think we should just ignore. For instance, Em has started saying, "No, I won't." He will do whatever it is anyway, but he's just learning how and when that phrase applies. While I'm not going to let my child tell me that he won't do something, Wes gets all up in arms about it. I think if we make a big deal about it, he'll probably say it more. If we just have him do whatever it is anyway and ignore what he said, he'll get over it. I guess Daddy's are just tougher on their boys than mamas are. Wonder what that means for girls?!

AFM: Em has been regressing with PTing, so we started a chart. He gets a sticker when he goes to potty and an X if he has an accident. If he only gets stickers, then he gets a treat after supper. We let him pick out his treat at the store tonight. So...he picked out popsicles at the store...and we had NO accidents today!!
Dh is the same way with t. I really could care less if t climbs the couch but daddy can't stand it so t gets a time out every time he does it and it sucks cause I'm the one always doing the time out.

PL is still going good here. . 2 accidents yesterday but that is cause he is still learning how long he can hold it.
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