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Originally Posted by skippycd
thanks for the replies!

there were pics in the listing, but they were a little blurry, especially on my small screen. That's why i asked specific questions about the diapers' elastic, etc. i thought i was doing good in asking detailed questions - i didn't think i needed to ask if they were the size stated. i enlarged one of the pictures on my desktop computer, and i can clearly see one of the spots of broken elastic. it's not something someone would notice if they didn't know where to look. also, in hindsight, i can see that the one diaper is larger. i just assumed that if a diaper's size is listed as xyz, that it will be the size stated.

with these diapers, the two difference sizes makes a big difference. i'm looking at an early delivery, and i need tiny, tiny diapers, which is what i thought i was buying.

again, thank you for the replies. it seems absolutely unfair that i be out return shipping though. *sadface*

am I allowed to leave negative feedback or will it be retaliated against? this has certainly been a negative transaction for me, especially if i have to be out return shipping
I just wanted to mention, that having to pay return shipping doesn't mean you leave negative fb. Those are the rules, not the seller declining. Just sayin'. And retaliatory fb is not allowed either so ALWAYS leave fb appropriately without fear.
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