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I took castor oil at 7pm Thursday night. DH left for work at 9 I started light contractions at 10 went into full on labor around 12:30am. He came home we tok our daughter to the hospital and I was in labor all day Friday and had DS on Saturday November 13th at 5:13 am. I was 2 weeks overdue with NO contractions at all! I did 2 ounces split into 3 "shots" chased each one with juicy juice berry! Don't try chasing with Pepsi!! I had bounced on my ball, walked, DTD, drank RRLF numerous times a day for weeks and wasn't even having fake contractions. Castor Oil is the only reason I went into labor!

Eta: I was like .5 cm dilated for 2 weeks, had my membranes stripped twice and wasn't effaced...also made me crap a LOT!!

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