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Re: Exercising mamas - is it normal to cramp up?

Originally Posted by babyrosie View Post
Well, I am almost 26 wks and have pretty much continued my normal exercise routine (running, circuit training, turbo kickboxing, Zumba, etc). I do sometimes get some tightening of my uterus and heaviness in my perineum. If I get a bad cramp it's like a side cramp and I just take it easy til it passes then pick things back up. If you feel good in the water I think it is great to do that. If you wait for the cramp to pass and then pick up your pace, do you start cramping again?
Typically after I cramp up I just keep swimming really slow. Today I swam the last few laps a little bit harder and I could tell my uterus was a bit tight afterwards, but not the painful cramping at the beginning.

I'm hoping to start swimming several times a week and I hope this goes away once it's more routine. It's rather worrisome.
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