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Re: I think I've made a terrible mistake. ..

Well, I'll give you my story. We had four and had a v. I started to regret it when #4 was still pretty young. Started researching adoption, thought that was maybe what we were being called to do. Fast forward to when my dd #4 was about 4. I told dh I needed to move forward and just get rid of all the baby items I was hanging onto or we needed to decide if we were going to have more somehow (I had also discovered some drs. that did reversals fairly inexpensively on one of my homeschool forums so that was something we had just vaguely discussed).

After much discussion, dh and I both felt like we were supposed to get it reversed so we drove from NC to Oklahoma (I see that's where you live) and had a reversal done. Total cost of the surgery was $1700 and as you can see from my sig. it was a success. I would be glad to share anymore info. with you if you want it. Blessings to you! I know it's a hard place to be.
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