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Re: anyone seen a neurologist??

we have. When DS#1 was 22 months and had lost speech etc. They weighed him etc. Then the Dr came in and checked reflexes, shook toys at hoim, gaged eye contact, looked at balance, tried to talk to him, tried to get him to point, tried to get him to mimic animal and car sounds. They scheduled an EEG and a BAERS (hearing test). As he grew he's been reevaluated. Less toy shaking, more conversation, asking him to follow directions and so on. Touch your nose with your eyes closed, hop on one foot things too. They ask him now to remember a series of words/pictures, and other unusual things. It always takes forever to get in, we wait for ages, we see the doc for 10-20 minutes and go home and wait 2 weeks for "the report"
But DS #1 has autism.

DS#3 has seizures and other issues so he gets EEGS and developmental screenings every 2-3 months.
Kim, mom of 5
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