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Re: Formula question

You didn't specify and I don't want ot be too nosey. But if you are not able to due to meds or surgery or somehting. Research it a bit more. DO a searh for dr. Hale and medications and you will get a link to his forums. He has studied thousands of drugs and their safety while breastfeeding. Most drugs are safe or have a safe alternative. Also, if it is due to surgery and pain meds, you are fine. Sage was a premie in the NICU, when she was 7 days old I had a bowel resection and was able to nurse her 2 hours after surgery.

If this is totally off base. I 2nd the recomendation to make a goat's milk formula. Goat's milk is much closer to human milk than cow's milk. Just by adding a few extra's you can use it instead of formula. Check out the breastfeeding boards on

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