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Re: Formula question

Thanks for the suggestions!

In regards to whether my Doc made the recommendation for Enfamil for a specific reason, I dont think so. My daughter was really tiny when she was born, and he said something about that particular Enfamil being better for babies who were born on the small side or premature?

As for keeping my supply up during the week in question, I am going to be pumping, I just wont be able to feed my daughter the expressed milk. Its going to have to go right down the drain. A Lactation Consultant has to supply the special pump, because a regular manual or electric doesnt work for me. She has to bring in one of those scary looking "dairy cow" types. EEEK!

Is there a difference between the liquid and the powder formula? I know the liquid says to use within 48 hours, but does it taste different or anything?
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