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Re: Formula question

Originally Posted by tennesseemom View Post
So, any tips on how I can get her to take it? I want to try and get her accustomed to the taste a few weeks before she will actually be taking it daily, just so she isnt shocked.
Should I wait until she is genuinely hungry? (she loves to snack about every hour at home, but only gets super hungry every 2.5) should I expect to have to try many times before she takes it?

hmmm. . . I'm not sure, but maybe just wait until that week and give it to her. If she's hungry, she'll take it. I would however continue to try giving her expressed milk in a bottle so she's used to the bottle. I think she's more likely to reject it b/c of the bottle than what is in the bottle. . . also, her poop will change consistency/color and she will probably spit up more and have more gas b/c she won't be used to it (even in you introduce it before that, she will have this issue)
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