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Re: How do the Flip Organic inserts do Long term?

I have 2 dozen organic flips and have been using them for 20 months! They definately aren't as soft as when I first got them, but I haven't used any Ecover either. Unfortunately, ours are all stained pretty bad, which is why I started using Oxyclean in every wash (and thus creating another problem in my most recent post!). I haven't tried sunning them though. They are still SUPER absorbant (the most absorbant while still being trim diaper I've ever used) and we pretty much use them exclusively day and night. Lately though, all of our organic flips have started fraying on the edges were the sewn fold lines meet the edge of the diaper. Is anyone else having this problem??? I'm starting to think the Oxyclean is ruining everything!!!!

Here's a picture that shows how stained they are (some are more stained then others).

And of the fraying
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