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Re: I am so upset.

Originally Posted by Patchworktiner View Post
Why didn't u say anything as it was being done? I'd have lifted him off the chair and walked out the second it went too short
I don't like confrontation or hurting people's feelings. I did comment some but once it's too short you can't glue it back on.

I also kept thinking maybe she had some magic plan to even it up, it only became clear she was going to leave it a wreck after she'd been at it a while.

I called this morning when they opened and the receptionist has given me an appt with a senior stylist to try to even it out for us and to attempt to make it at least look purposeful. Right now it looks like he got hold of the scissors and did it himself. I guess I should take a photo so I can laugh later when it's grown back out...
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