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Re: Group B Strep

I would seriously consider your decision to refuse...

It isn't a simple "give the baby a shot" and everything will be fine thing. Your baby will go through MUCH stricter monitoring if you are positive and don't get both doses of antibiotics. You will have to stay in the hospital longer or at least baby will even if baby ISN'T SICK and could end up in a fight with the Dr if you try to take baby home sooner AMA.

If baby catches it then baby has to have the IV for several days and may end up being in NICU without you. Your baby may even end up with the IV in their scalp - DS1 had to have his there (not for Strep B though) they had to shave his head because they coudn't get a vein anywhere else and his hair didn't grow back for almost 2 years.

I know some mom's want to use holistic approaches but in this instance IMO it just isn't worth the risk to your child who could honestly die. Strep B shouldn't scare you with proper medical care but it is a serious condition that can not be ignored either. I've been treated four times - my first I went into early labour before I had the test so they treated me as a positive - the other three I was positive (one birth I wasn't). It isn't terrible to get the IV on a saline lock so you can still move around - I don't love it but my discomfort is worth baby avoiding it.

DS3 I didn't get enough doses in because my labour was too fast and he got sick - we avoided NICU but had to have hourly round the clock temperature checks for four days - not a relaxing babymoon by any stretch of the imagination.

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