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Need help structuring the day with toddler starting preschool

I have 2 little boys a 1 and soon to be 3 year old who starts preschool dec 1- wait maybe wheres my

I need some guidence figuring out how to structure our day.

His preschool hours are as early as 7:45 to 9 am drop off (8-9 is free play) and 12-12:30 pick up. He has the option to ocme back 2-4 if he wants. I want to do that tuesdays as the kids bake. German system yeah so. ..

A few questions, how do I organize naps. Should little one nap mornings and big one afternoons?

I want to also encorperate some outside play,an activity time ( I want to have an activity each day), reading. And of course boys need free play, I need to do things like house work. In that mix is lunch, snacks, dinner. UMMMM how???

What does a normal day look like for someone in my shoes?
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