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Re: What's safe to build my immune system?

ita about the probiotics. do make sure, though, that you buy one that is not in a lactose base if your DD has a sensitivity.

things like echinacea and GSE are good for when you are actually sick, but they're not something you can just take all the time. vitamin C can be helpful, though i wouldn't recommend taking a chewable variety since it destroys your tooth enamel. it can also be a little hard on the tummy. i usually just take it if i know i've been exposed to something and i'm trying to temporarily boost my immune system to keep from getting it. same with the echinacea.

how is your diet? are you getting a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet? do you eat mostly whole grains? do you stay away from processed foods? sometimes your diet can help you more than anything. also, a good prenatal vitamin is recommended while you're nursing. i always notice a difference when i skip the vitamins for a few days.
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