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Re: What to do with paperwork/important files

Originally Posted by krispy79 View Post
I often wonder if, for many things, scanning and saving them as pdf's or other electronic files would be okay. Dh and I do not keep a hard copy of our taxes, only a cd of it. And pretty much everything else we have is electronic, so why not scan and save your receipts or statements?
I know birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc that's not possible, but I would think the majority of financial documents could be scanned
Yep, this is what I was going to suggest. Bank statements you can almost always get directly from the bank if you need them, so I wouldn't even bother trying to save that sort of stuff. Anything with any sort of seal or anything like that obviously you have hard copies of.

As far as what to keep, I think taxes and any supporting forms of course. Any sort of debt payment records, like letters of settled in full etc, because they CONSTANTLY try to come back at you. Vital records like the above mentioned birth certificates, marriage certificates, as well as any court records pertaining to such like adoption papers, divorce papers, etc. Medical records, particularly anything major. Any other court or other legal papers like wills, any criminal documents etc.

Things I would not keep-receipts of pretty much anything unless it's a tax supporting item (ie medical receipts to validate your deductables). I wouldn't keep copies of paid bills either, because you can get copies of that stuff from the bank and you can keep digital records of confirmation numbers and stuff. Maintainence records on the house or cars I would keep but scan in.
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