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Re: $135 a day for daycare!!! I'm so frustrated :( (long)

Originally Posted by heidisue View Post
I responded to a home care ad I thought would be perfect. A SAHM saying she was looking for a "playmate" for her son (3 months older than DS) part time Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri and she is only about 5 minutes away from my work.

I only need Mon/Thur/Fri - but everything else fit. I told her that I would need care from 6:45AM - 3:45PM (9 hours) Mon/Thur/Fri. She responded and said she wanted $15 an hour!!! This is for me to drop my son off at her house and I provide food/snacks.

I responded and told her thank you very much for your response, but we just can't afford $135 a day ($405 a week) for drop off care. I didn't tell her that our current provider is $25 a day (she was a temp care though - through January so now I need somebody else). I also didn't tell her that DH's take home pay is only $64/day so she was asking more than double what he makes!

She responded back and said "What rate do you think is reasonable by the hour and we could possibly negotiate?"

I don't know what to do - I kinda want to ignore her, but I hate doing that to people. The thing is, there isn't a "reasonable" HOURLY rate for daycares - that is why they have lots of kids. Occasionally you will find the parent who just wants an extra kid or two for some spending change. $15/hr could be reasonable for a parents night out or an hour or two while you do your shopping, or for tutoring or lessons. But, does anybody here think $405 a week is reasonable for one kiddo three times a week while the parent works - that is $21K a year for three days a week care. I am obviously not what she is looking for.

I wish it was reasonable - I would quit my job and stay home with my baby and a couple of his playmates


Disclaimer - I am not saying childcare is in any way easy or should be paid low - I just can't afford that
I didn't read anything but your post, but I get paid $30K a year for babysitting and disciplining ~60 children daily...oh and when they are good I can get a lesson or two in. I'm a teacher!

She is asking way too much!
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