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Re: Woah Nelly! So that is what ammonia smells like!

So all of today's diapers are ammonia-y. I picked up the Target stuff and ran a load of towels that have the 'off' smell. They are a bit better, but still have the smell. Diapers are in now, with bleach and a vinegar rinse to neutralize the bleach. And my final rinse cycle is always warm with nothing added. Won't know if there is success until sometime tomorrow. This sucks. I am afraid to use my diapers now, but cannot use sposies at all even temporarily (you may have seen my post about the phonecall I got from DH).

I have heard that a lot of people with hard water have issues with vinegar, but I only seem to have problems without it. Weird, I know. And yep, back to basics. Hot hot water, detergent, some bleach since I know that ammonia=bacteria, and that's it.

And as for powder detergent, if there was a good F&C HE powder detergent, I might consider trying it. But I have never met a powder detergent that I like and I cannot tolerate even a hint of fragrance in my clothing. Makes my nose run, sets off asthma, and triggers migraines.

Oh, and our water heater is set to nuclear .
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