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Re: Breastfeeding and gallbladder surgery

I had emergency gall bladder surgery when my daughter was 2 weeks old in Feb. I had to supplement with formula for a couple of days while I was on meds ( I had complications so it might not be days for you) because i didnt have much stored up at all. But I pumped every 2 hrs while I was on the meds and just dumped it to keep my milk supply up. Because of my complications my supply still dropped and it was really hard to get it back up again once i could feed her. I had my mom or husband bottle feed her while I pumped and pumped to get it back and i finally did get it back. I would recommend pumping as much as you can now so you have a supply and pump and dump if you are on meds to keep your supply up. I think most drs say you only have to pump and dump for 24hrs or so because of the anesthetic but of course check with your dr. Hope this helps. Good luck!
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