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Re: If you've had a miscarriage.... UPDATE

I had a mc in june 2013 at 8 weeks. It started off as just light pink spotting and got heavier that night. I ended up passing a couple big clots and went to the er. They tested my hgc levels and they were low. I went home and went to the dr the next day for an ultrasound where they saw a heart beat but my levels had not went up at all. I went back a few days later(still bleeding) and my levels had dropped more. A week later I was still bleeding & my levels dropped again. Dr did an US again and no heart beat..did a pelvic and stimulated my cervix to speed up the passing. on week three of bleeding I passed something that looked similar to a plum seed. I bled really heavy for a couple more days and had my blood work done AGAIN and was finally low enough they said it was about done. I bled about 3 weeks. It was horrible. Dr gave me pain pills to help.Im sorry<3
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