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Re: What should I do?

Most likely, it was a momentary thing - kid playing around, possibly distracted from class/distracting others, and the teacher fixes the problem by taking the distracting element out of the equation. Fast forward to the end of the day, a million things have happened in between, and the teacher didn't remember to give the tree back/notify you/follow up. Even if he wasn't really doing anything he perceived as "bad" or distracting, it's amazing what kids don't think about/understand about the school environment. Maybe he was unintentionally distracting others. Maybe he was absent-mindedly playing with it and the teacher thought he was distracted. I'd just send an email saying, Hey, we were really looking forward to planting the tree - can you explain what ds did to get it taken away and what he can do to earn it back? Seriously, this happened friday? And this is sunday? Please, wait until you hear what happened and give the teacher a chance to resolve the issue before getting "pissed".
And this is why my kids will never go to a public school. I am sure you are a wondeful teacher, and that there are many wondeful teachers out there, but if children are being made to feel that they are bad for doing normal child things then something is wrong. He shouldn't have to earn it back, his parents and the rest of the tax payers paid for it. It was given to everyone, they didn't do anything to earn it in the first place. Next thing you know he will be getting penalized in some way for not planting it.
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