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Re: What should I do?

Actually we do know who paid for the trees

I am tax dollars pay for school stuff the tree was given to all 3 rd graders in the county by the school board.
So the kids didn't just earn this as a special privledge, it was given to all kids, and it benefits the schools to have it planted.

There was a paper in his bookbag saying there would be a tree sent home and to fill out the paper when the tree was planted for the school to recieve credit.
I understand that teachers have to keep a class under control and moving to get things done. But I think that is the fundemental problem with public schooling. 30 kids, 1 teacher and a curriculum and tests that mean no one gets optimal education. And children are doing normal kid things and that causes a distraction, I understand, but they are kids. That has been the problem with the idea of public school since it started. It gets worse every single year.
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