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Re: What should I do?

Kissy - I never said to go act like a child to the teacher - I simply gave another perspective and suggested a non-controntational way to figure out what had happened and how it could be resolved. Certainly, don't approach it in a servile position. I think it's great you're so involved in your kids education that you're so aware and into the tree thing - I bet a lot of parents wouldn't have noticed or cared. I hope you get to plant your tree.

And I didn't see that it was the OP who'd said it was the school board who gave the trees to the kids, sorry, my bad.

And Iris0110, I actually completely agree with you on the 1 curriculum + 1 teacher + 30 kids = a crappy education. That's why I try to work one on one and make my lessons as individualized as possible. Classroom management is where I have a more standardized view. I follow the smallest intervention necessary school of thought - fix a problematic situation w/ as little fuss as possible in the moment, then attend to individual, in-depth issues when an appropriate time occurs, so as few other students are distracted as possible.
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