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Constipated Breastfed Twins

I feel kind of silly asking this, after all, I've Breastfed 3 other babies before the twins, but I've never had this problem.

My twins are 3 months old and completely breastfed. They are happy and growing. The problem is, though, that it has been almost a week since they pooped last. They don't seem distressed, or fussy. They have smelly gas, but no poop. Once thy do go, it's not runny with the cottage cheese that they did when they were first born. It is kind of yellowy orange and a little thicker. Not as thick as peanut butter, but not watery either. They also spit up a lot more than any of my previous children. I figured this was because they each eat on 1 breast (I feed them at the same time) and so they aren't forced to take a break to burp between breasts and just gulp it down.

Is this something I should be concearned about? Am I not drinking enough water? Am I eating something that I shouldn't. Please don't tell me to give up dairy
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